Business Tax

Partnership, S Corporation and C Corporation tax returns are due three months and fifteen days after the company year end. Extensions will allow an additional five months to complete the return.

LLC’s can be classified as any of the above items or can even be classified as self-employed. Ownership in an LLC is referred to as a member. If the LLC only has one member the IRS default is that you are self-employed. If the LLC has more than one member then the IRS default is a partnership. In order to reclassify the LLC to an S Corporation or a C Corporation there are some elections that have to be made. If you have established an LLC and are unsure what you are classified as or if you are interested in establishing an LLC and are unsure of what you need to do, please contact us.

Below you will find a link to some general business expense which we hope will help you in the gathering of your information to have your tax return prepared. You will also find a link to a Business Expense Worksheet. If you need assistance in the area of payroll please select our Payroll Section link. If you need assistance in the area of sales tax please contact our office.

Resources and Downloadable Forms