As the practice of Keith Glass CPA was being established in the Fall of 1998. A question kept coming to our minds was what can we do that will make us different that the other CPA firms in Northwest Arkansas? An area that kept coming back to our thoughts was to show the clients that we care and we provide a personable service. A couple of examples are 1) when we are working on individual tax returns we handle the tax return like it is our own (you owe more than expected we want to know why) and 2) on clients that we do monthly financial statements, payroll, sales tax etc we will pick up their information and also drop it off. This has worked into a very nice service allowing the client to focus on their work and not having to drive to and from their accountant’s office to drop stuff off or pick it up.

As the practice expanded and has grown through the years we have continued to look for ways to make things easier and more accessible for the client. As technology has expanded so has our ability to assist clients. On monthly clients the ability to do direct deposits for payroll and have the electronic payments for payroll tax deposits has allowed them to continue working and not to have to worry about payroll issues or write checks. On tax returns we now have returns in electronic format, which makes it easier to get returns to loan officers and others needing copies of them. We also file all tax returns electronically that can be processed that way. The expansion of this web site will introduce the portal section, which will allow clients to send large files that cannot be handled through email directly to us. We pledge to our clients to always be close to the cutting edge of technology that is financially feasible.

Take a look at our site for answers to any question and if the answer is not there feel free to call us.