Bad Weather Policy

The following bad weather policies are followed related to the offices in Fayetteville and Prairie Grove.  In the case of inclement weather we will follow the guidance of the school districts to determine if there are any possible conditions that we need to consider.

In Fayetteville, should the Fayetteville School District close schools then the office will not be opened prior to 10:00 am and will close by 3:30 pm.

In Prairie Grove, should the Prairie Grove School District close schools or run limited bus routes then the office will not be open.  

In both locations we have made significant upgrades in our communication systems that will allow us to accept phone calls or at least check calls in a timely manner provided there is power in the area.  We also have accessibility to software applications even if we are unable to get to the office to provide our clients with information that they are normally able to receive from us.  An exception to this would be physically being able to print checks.  However, our solution to this is provide a stub to the owner that would coincide with a hand written check.